Sunday, 24 May 2009

Long Time No See

Its been a while since I dropped in on my blog. Again. This time, there were more compelling reasons than just my laziness. Considering the fact that the last post was way, way back in October of the earlier year, I have a lot of time to account for. And I shall do just that.

I seem to have completely forgotten what I was doing in October and November of the aforementioned year. Same goes for most of December as well. I do remember one thing from December though. Tata Consultancy Services Limited finally realised that they had offered me a job over a year back and decided to train me in Trivandrum. Starting from the 29th of December! Timed perfectly to ruin everyone's New Year's plans. More on that later.

After spending a little over (or was it under?) 2 months in God's own country, I came back to Madras sometime in March. After sitting around in TCS' cafeteria and playing TT for aroud 3 or 4 weeks, I managed to get into a project.

Those are what I have been upto in the intervening period after my earlier post. More details of the training will follow soon (hopefully).

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